Avoiding The 10 Biggest Pitfalls When Buying A Home

Dated: 07/06/2017

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Image titleThis is a guide that can help you avoid possible headaches on your next real estate purchase and give you peace of mind.

1) Failing to have your real estate associate provide a detailed market analysis of the home’s value. The inspector will look for things that you never dreamed of!

Failing to get an inspection on the property you are purchasing.

3) Not requiring a Real Property Report (RPR) with compliance on the property you are purchasing.

Making a low-ball offer and discouraging the seller from negotiating with you.
Failing to get pre-qualified for mortgage financing prior to making the offer to purchase.
Not allowing enough time to find out all of the important information, such as building inspections, permits, title examinations and any relevant municipal/community information. monoxide test but if there is a specific concern about the furnace then the inspector will recommend bringing the gas company in to assess that specific utility.
Neglecting to work with a Buyer’s Associate.
Purchasing a For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) or other property (ex. new build), without the use of a real estate professional and attorney.
Purchasing a parcel of real estate without obtaining title insurance.
Not obtaining a City Inspection or copies of applicable permits!
Although the list above is not a full and comprehensive list of all pitfalls buyers make when purchasing a home, they are common problem areas. You can avoid dealing with the headaches that arise from overlooking these items by choosing the right REALTOR®

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